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Shadows and The Light


As a co-owner/Director of Curation, Community & Comms at DROPSPOT.io I played an instrumental role in spear-heading the IWD2023 campaign #NFTLikeAQueen. As the campaign grew and gain momentum, I was blown away and inspired by the courageous women joining our mission using their art for positive impact. In truth, when I had the idea to build a campaign helping close the gender inequality gap, I never imagined being a part of it as a 'Creator'. Just goes to show how powerful one movement, one campaign, can be. It felt like a wasted opportunity for me personally not to join the Queen's who were donning their crowns in solidarity. My collection 'Out of the Darkness, comes the Light' is an homage to my personal healing journey and spiritual awakening. As I have healed and created safety within myself, it has open up the gates empowering me to be seen, allowing myself to share my light and to step into the light. By making friends with vulnerability, I hope to inspire others to do so too