International Women's Day 2023
International ART show shining a light on female NFT creators on Cardano, supporting women in Web3 worldwide.
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From our St. Patty's Day editorial "Shamrocks, Stars and Satoshi."

True Stars
Stars & Shamrocks

A collection captured during the time of covid; where there was space and time to reflect on where you have been and where you are now.

Francesca Owen
Self Reflection

the haunted circus reflects the inner state where the ghosts of the past try to plunge it into darkness. the sparks of the soul scatter with fire that can light up the darkest corners

haunted circus

♥ The Feminine Energy is the Essence of Creation and Nurturing, and Women have been the Caretakers of this Energy since the Beginning of Time ♥

Ellen Vaman
International Women's Day

Muses from the moons of Cardano. We are the great mothers and our power is deeply connected with the universe.

Sacred Femmes - The Great Mothers
Sacred Femmes - The Great Mothers

If all the QUEENS looked exactly the same, our world would be really lame. to all of my QUEENS every race, shape and size be what the hell you want cause you are a prize.

Chess Queens

Minted for #NFTLikeAQueen International Women's Day 2023 Campaign. 5% of sales donated to the Malala Fund. Artwork created in Vectornator by Motif Noticer.

Motif Noticer
Twyla Picaj Undra

High Speed Macro Photography Capturing Colored Waterdrops Colliding to create unique abstract art. Every image is one of kind and is created in about 10thousandth of a sec.

Deborah Berry Fine Art
Deborah Berry Fine Art

This piece reflecting on one of the most iconic feminist Cher quote

Mom I am a Rich Man

A collection of 8 pieces, including real time sound from the process of making.

Bubbly WN

As a co-owner/Director of Curation, Community & Comms at I played an instrumental role in spear-heading the IWD2023 campaign #NFTLikeAQueen. As the campaign grew and gain momentum, I was blown away and inspired by the courageous women joining our mission using their art for positive impact. In truth, when I had the idea to build a campaign helping close the gender inequality gap, I never imagined being a part of it as a 'Creator'. Just goes to show how powerful one movement, one campaign, can be. It felt like a wasted opportunity for me personally not to join the Queen's who were donning their crowns in solidarity. My collection 'Out of the Darkness, comes the Light' is an homage to my personal healing journey and spiritual awakening. As I have healed and created safety within myself, it has open up the gates empowering me to be seen, allowing myself to share my light and to step into the light. By making friends with vulnerability, I hope to inspire others to do so too

Shadows and The Light

【DUALITY】 continues my exploration into speculative AI fashion. AI tools allow me to imagine not only the garments and the styling, but the models themselves and how to frame them. They allow me to speculate about the form and the function of fashion in the future.

Kika Nicolela

Goddess Awakens

Ellen Vaman
Goddess Awaken

From an impromptu shoot in the lobby of Hotel Encanto I realized each person holds a gift, even though it may not be easily recognizable. Like the movie Encanto, the gift is there. I finally found mine in Web 3. You cannot resist the encanto.


The Mystic Journey offers you a unique tarot experience in the digital world. Are you ready to witness a magical moment?

The Mystic Journey

Love Kingdom is a collection created by Yarza Twins that aims to spread love messages into the world. Grab yourself a Love Kingdom citizen.

Yarza Twins
Love Kingdom

Big bold dots, for big bold stories. BLAK stories First Nations stories True stories


I created a collection called "Breaking Barriers" for the IWD #NFTLikeAQueen campaign. My aim is to empower women through this collection and I sincerely hope you enjoy it!

Breaking Barriers

In preparation for what was to come, they would take all the necessary steps. It was their daily practice. With considered thought, they would attempt to future proof their present actions. Years passed like this, and they began to realise that they could not predict what was to come. Then they let go, and the energy of life filled them.

In preparation

This collection features faceless remakes of iconic portraits. The focus shifted to the form and brushwork rather than the identity of the subject. I invite viewers to reconsider these familiar and revered works of art in a new light. -- Digitally painted in Procreate, sent to AI for deconstruction.

Faceless Icons

Our dance on the land Flows through the seas she connects Fem rhythm within #NFTLikeAQueen #IWD2023

Cellc "State Of D.I.V.A.
Fem Rhythm

Abstract, magical reflection of our universe

Nancy Kouta
Fairy Land

Exploring the Complex Nature of Our Consciousness Through Emotions ꨄ︎

Conscious Simplexity

Introducing MALLE, a collection inspired by the groundbreaking innovation of blockchain technology and the boundless possibilities of the digital world. Bold and vibrant, the artwork captures the energy and excitement of a new era, with its sleek and futuristic design incorporating geometric shapes and vivid colors that pulse with a sense of movement and momentum. Evoking the spirit of a digital revolution, MALLE blends the cutting-edge with the retro, fusing the past and the present to create a unique and electrifying aesthetic. This collection invites you to join us on a journey into the uncharted territory of the digital age, where anything is possible and the only limit is your imagination.

The Fairies

“The body is stuck in a room but the mind is still travelling around. Lost in a vortex of multiple realities.”

Tina Touli
9 to 5

The Cabinet de curiosités collection is a series of abstract illustrations that shows the sensorial experience one can have as they explore and sculpt the space around them. It is about the poetry of space and the human body’s ability to use its senses to feel, understand and build a physical memory of its environment.

Alice Labourel
Cabinet de Curiosités